Shapla Salique

Shapla Salique has re-introduced traditional rural folk music at an international stage.

Folk and oral traditions have shaped the a few thousand years of Bengali culture and Lalon’s songs from the 18th century has shaped the Bengali ethnic identity as its unique syncretism of Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic cultures dominant in the region redefines humanism with heavy rural roots.

Shapla Salique takes her ethnic heritage and smartly fuses with jazzy, funky and soulful vibes and present it to a new generation of audience introducing Bengali folk.

Born in Sylhet, a city in north-eastern Bangladesh also considered haven for poets and philosophers, Shapla moved to United Kingdom to join her family in the 80s. She was brought up amidst Bengali community in London’s East End.

She was herself born to a family of folk singers allowing her to practice and become an artist eventually. She is also a song writer and harmonium player. The video “Baram Khana” is a single is from her most recent album, “No Boundaries”.


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