Sheep Got Waxed

Formula of the new weird of Lithuania: take experimental electronica, mix with jazz knowledge and add some punk attitude. You get trio “Sheep Got Waxed“ and their second album “Pushy”.

I know some people who survived only 10 minutes of their concert and other people who call them one of the best Lithuanian contemporary bands ever. The truth is, you can call their sound sophisticated, harsh or wild, but almost never soft or comforting. Even the band’s newly released second album is called “Pushy”.

All three of the guys are professionally trained jazz musicians, but they go far beyond that. They use their backgrounds in electronic music and even heavy metal, skip the vocal line, and use both their hands and their feet to play music. They’re creating a sound somewhere in between free jazz and experimental electronica. Not descriptive enough? Then try to imagine the sound of little fluffy sheep getting waxed.

It’s been a busy year for “Sheep Got Waxed“ – not only did they release a second record, but also an impressive music video called “Forro”. This strong visual ode to obsessive-compulsive disorder is the result of the reunion of two top storytellers – the band and film director Mikas Žukauskas.

Stream “Pushy” LP on Bandcamp.


Photo: Rytis Šeškaitis

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