Shesha Kabo

Inspiring, mysterious and meditative art-pop release from a shamanic discovery Shesha Kabo.

The song “Grateful” reminds us to be grateful against all challenges, uncertainties and fears while cherishing what we take for granted.

The video was shot in the Carpathian Mountains with all kinds of adventures. For example, Shesha has been sewing her costume for a month and they even managed to get lost in the mountains at night during last shots.

“Grateful” became her personal anthem as a result of battling a threatening disease in Peru where she was recovering with help of local shamans and wise plants: “Facing death helped me to see what is valuable and understand that I cannot live in fear. I am very grateful for this experience”.

All that she decided to share with other people via her music.

Shesha Kabo is a nickname that appeared while the singer was dreaming. Later she found out that there is a deity Sesha Ananda, which holds space-time for Vishnu while he was sleeping, and “Cabo” from Sanskrit means “gift”.

Shesha also promises that the album is soon to be released. Well, looking forward to that!


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