Shikoswe mixes meaningful lyrics with simple compositions and the listener is left with a beautiful contrast between complexity and minimalism.

Mainly describing herself as a writer with music being a natural part of the artistic process, Shikoswe often starts writing lyrics before even having a melody. As she says about “I Wanna Be Right” to Norwegian music blog badekaret:

“[It’s] about the destructive feeling I think a lot of people can relate to from time to time, where you let yourself drown into self-pity when things aren’t going well. And I probably wrote it because I woke up one day feeling pessimistic.”

Capturing and highlighting the organic elements in a time where electronic components are increasingly common, Shikoswe manages to present something raw and solid with her music.

That, combined with her extremely laid-back attitude when it comes to being an artist (“I think a lot of people are concerned with creating an image and go in hard, but I feel like I only make some music”), makes her music stand out as genuine and honest.


Photo: Christine Arctander

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