Shintaro Sakamoto

During Covid-19 pandemic, psychedelic rock legend Shintaro Sakamoto recorded two songs about yearning for nightclubbing.

Former vocalist and guitarist of psychedelic rock band Yura Yura Teikoku (see our Best Japanese Albums list), Shintaro Sakamoto has just released a 7-inch record. He played guitar, rap steel, and keyboard, with help of bassist, drummer and flute player.

On slow boogie “The Feeling of Love”, he sings about love for dancing to the music.

On the second song “Obscure Nightclub”, with a unique chorus effect from vocoder, he sings: “It doesn’t go as expected in any case. Take me to the place where kindness remained.”

Through these two songs, Shintaro seems to recall how the world used to be before Covid-19. Once we were drinking and dancing in a nightclub, talking with friends – now everything is becoming too obscure to remember.

But feelings of love for each other are never forgotten. We love music, dance, and friends. We can surely meet again.


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