Shirahata Kamin with Placebo Foxes

“I like to listen to Japanese folk and popular songs, but at same time I wanna be female version of Kurt Cobain,” Shirahata Kamin said in official interview.

“Since I was little, I found it difficult to be classified as a woman. The whole gender thing is troubling. Why am I a girl? Why are you a boy? We are all equal humans. I wanna be free from gender discrimination.”

Although she stems from Kyoto, Kamin formed her band called Placebo Foxes in Tokyo. Together they recorded a new album called “Kuseki no Circus” (空席のサーカス), or “Vacant Circus Show”, with producer Kazuhiro Momo(百々和宏) from MO’SOME TONEBENDER.

It is worth adding that Sheena Ringo and Kazuhiro Momo are friend musicians and both of them come from Fukuoka, a city in southern Japan.

As a result, the new single off this new album, “Butterfly”, sounds as if Sheena Ringo or PJ Harvey were produced by Steve Albini.


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