Shirly Kones

Three albums into her career, Shirly Kones (שירלי קונס) seems like one of the most talented and, still, most underestimated Israeli singer-songwriters.

Her latest, self-titled studio effort has everything to change this situation. Shirly’s songwriting combines simplicity you’d expect from “a girl with a guitar” with rich arrangements and the right extent of mood changes.

The ten short compositions that make up her new work flow effortlessly, but remain always intriguing, and contain at least twice this number of themes worth remembering – and singing along, if you can cope with Hebrew.

“Tov Shebat” (טוב שבאת) was the first song Shirly shared from this beautiful album. “Recently I fall in love easily,” she sings in the song, reminding us how easily we fell in love with the chorus of this inconspicuous song.

You can stream “Shirly Kones” LP in its entirety here.


Shirly Kones on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.

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