Shirosky feat. MYK

There are only a few female producers/beatmakers in South Korea, and Shirosky shows we should really regret it. Based in Seoul and making music since 2010, she just released her first full-length album titled “La Lecture”.

Although Shirosky (시로스카이) has a distinct style and a clear vision of the jazz/hiphop vibe she wants to achieve in the studio, she claims “La Lecture” has been shaped by people. Starting from the title, which was inspired by Renoir’s famous painting “La Lecture.” But those living are more important, and some of them participated in the recording session.

Among many great collaborations this album is filled with is “Empyrean”. This single features talented rapper and singer-songwriter MYK, who shares his time between hip-hop and his soft-rock band project called Saltnpaper.

This track perfectly shows why Shirosky stands out not only in the Korean scene, but even worldwide you’ll hardly find a similar mixture of strong musical ideas delivered in an gentle, elegant, even fragile fashion – and MYK’s soft voice adds to that impression.

You can stream “La Lecture” in its entirety here.


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