So vibrant, so alive!

shishi is a Lithuanian power girl trio, playing rap/trash/lo-fi/surf/soul music cocktail with a childish joy and feminine energy.

Dominyka Kriščiūnaitė, Elena Neniškytė, and Giedrė Nalivaikaitė – known from other alternative Lithuanian bands such as Ministry of Echology, Umiko, Kotori, Rok & Dom or Elle G – joined their musical forces to create something fresh in alternative Lithuanian scene.

shishi are raising awareness through danceable sound and with the new video for “Water” that’s criticizing the world politics. It’s like a protest just not on the streets, but using today’s media. Powerful video! With rebellion, awareness is born.

Their debut album “NA x 80” is about all of us – the city, life, dragons of nowadays, about
everything that is forever. Never fading, only gettin’ blurry from time to time. It’s about joys and movements straight to the core, no matter what. Like a dragons tail – swoop swoop – and nothing’s left.

So let’s clap, play, sing, and listen to shishi!

Stream “NA x 80” LP on Spotify and Bandcamp.


Shishi on Facebook, Instagram.

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