Shugo Tokumaru

Shugo Tokumaru’s one-man orchestra embraces all people around the world who are in solitude.

“Sakiyo No Furiko” is the first song from Shugo Tokumaru (トクマルシューゴ) in four years. Maybe it will be also the first single off his upcoming album. In this song, he played, recorded, and mixed everything all by himself. He used acoustic guitar, melodica, accordion, glockenspiel and percussion.

“Sakiyo No Furiko”, which means “Pendulum of previous life”, probably suggests reincarnation of Buddhism, endless cycle of rebirth. In the interlude, he whispers: “If I can see you again, sit here. If anything comes true” (“Mata aerunara kokoni suwatteyo. Donnakotodemo kanaunara”).

He also said on Twitter: “Unexpected things continue to happen. It’s not true nothing ever changes – we can easily change the world. We only need to act. It’s dangerous, so we should always learn, think, improve and predict. At any time, be flexible and ready to take the first step. Now is never too late. We can take a step forward again and again.”

Meanwhile, Shugo Tokumaru will also hold his online festival called Tonofon, on June 7th (13:00-21:00 Japanese time). Other artists who’ll perform that you might already know from beehype are Hoon (んoon) and Yuta Orisaka (折坂悠太).


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