Shy Albatross

A hallucinatory trip into the heart of North American vernacular tradition, by an all-star experimental squad from Poland.

Shy Albatross is a new project from the prolific guitarist, Raphael Rogiński. He is joined by a renowned pop vocalist, Natalia Przybysz, and a versatile rhythm section comprised of drummer Hubert Zemler, and vibraphonist Miłosz Pękala – both acclaimed musicians associated with jazz and contemporary composition.

Their sound draws inspiration from a variety of sources in the Americana tradition, including blues, spirituals, folk ballad, jazz, etc. In fact, considering the roots of the music, Shy Albatross can be regarded as a sibling-group to Rogiński’s other project, Wovoka.

However, while the latter primarily strives to induce ecstatic trance, the former’s appeal has more to do with the subtlety of the music.

Most of the songs on “Woman Blue”, the debut album from Shy Albatross, are beautifully arranged slow- to mid-tempo ballads. Przybysz’s yearning voice, singing poems about a woman’s plight, is accompanied Rogiński’s subtle guitar and sophisticated rhythm patterns of Zemler and Pękala.

The chemistry between the band members is apparent, resulting in a blissful music, full of tranquility but, at the same time, deeply moving.


Photo: Monika Kmita

Shy Albatross on Facebook, YouTube.

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