Sid Vashi

With his interesting blend of electronica, jazz and Bollywood tunes from the 90s, Sid Vashi has carved himself an interesting space in the larger context of independent musicians in India.

While one can imagine his live sets to be an entirely submissive experience, the growth of his production skills since his first release “Motherland Tourism” (which mysteriously disappeared from his Bandcamp a while ago) are indicative of the claim.

With his latest album “Azuma Kazuma”, Vashi joins the ranks of several new, intriguing and forward thinking producers from India – many of whom grapple with a vast range of questions in the form of creating tunes that seek to find answers.

“Prey”, featuring Soopy and Divya Lewis, is one of my favourite tunes from the record, and definitely not the only one worth checking out.

Stream “Azuma Kazuma” on Soundcloud.


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