Sometimes music needs time to ripen, as do music projects. The Riga-based trio Sigma was founded about ten years ago, but only last year released their debut album, “Sazaroto taku dārzs”.

Three musicians forming the band – Jānis Ozoliņš (vocals, keys), Kaspars Lastovskis (bass) and Uģis Eihvalds (drums) – have known each other even longer, as Sigma was born from the ashes of their previous project, Punch.

After their rebirth, they decided to explore the wide area of alternative/indie rock/pop, with the central role of keys as a distinguishing feature of their sound, just as Latvian lyrics differ them from their international inspirations.

The title song from the album, as well as the band’s first proper video, “Sazaroto taku dārzs” is a great example of their ability to mix forward-looking with accessible, drawing you into a fascinating dialogue between piano and vocal lines.

While it might be the best from all of the included on Sigma’s debut LP, each of the other dozen songs has its own appeal, and its own reward for those listening closely.

You can stream “Sazaroto taku dārzs” LP in its entirety here.


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