Silent Speech (沉默演讲)

Here’s a new band from China you should follow if you like forward-thinking alternative rock – and Thom Yorke’s vocals – called Silent Speech (沉默演讲).

Effortlessly maneuvering from one style to another, Beijing’s Silent Speech are a melodic, emotional wry, and instrumentally charged blend of 1990s alt-rock that’s above all else, genuine and assured.

While their debut 6-track EP “鳥與城市” (“City Bird”) is available on Spotify, you can start with the second song called “親愛的”. Led by lead singer Wu Xiaoran’s mysterious high-pitched siren-like voice (with hints of Thom Yorke), the song lays a spell before dovetailing into a crusading prog-rock laced jam.

Like much of the band’s debut, the layers found within each song that feel essential to the band’s scope. Indie rock that swoons one moment and then explodes the next, Silent Speech leave quite the impression.

Stream “City Bird” LP on Spotify.


Silent Speech on Douban, Xiami.

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