Silent Speech

While inspired by Wild Beasts and Radiohead, Chinese alternative rockers Silent Speech create their own, fascinating world.

Silent Speech (沉默演講) swing for the fences on their new double LP “Law of Instability/Orderly Chaos” (不穩定的規律/有序混沌 不稳定的规律/有序混沌), a melodic, emotionally wry, and instrumentally charged album that’s grandiose in every which way.

While it’s easy (and lazy) to point out the influence of bands such as Wild Beasts and Radiohead, the band are essentially creating their own world here, one that lives and breathes by its own rules.

Engaging, surprising, and full-bodied, every track, once again led by lead singer Wu Xiaoran’s siren-like voice, are beguiling – finding moments of otherworldly beauty before dovetailing into a cascading prog-rock laced jam.

And while eighteen tracks may come off as overly ambitious, there’s a scope to the band’s sound that warrants it – one busting with boundless imagination and integrity.

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Silent Speech on Bandcamp.

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