Silent Strike

The mark of a great electronic music producer is versatility.

In this day and age, when new trends appear almost daily, and dissapear just as fast, it’s quite hard to remain relevant. Remember when trence was the shit? Yeah, barely, I know, since it got trampled by dubstep, who in turn got mauled by EDM. Everything dies in electronic music. The songs do not remain the same.

Anyway, in this context, a modern electronic music producer should be able to work in a vareity of styles and with a lot of different sounds. It’s safe to say that Silent Strike does just that. The man has been at the center of Romanian electronic music for well over ten years. And he’s been producing everything from IDM, filmscore, hip-hop and downtempo.

Last year he released a collaboration album with Deliric, one of the most important rappers in Romania right now, with some pretty clear trap influences in his production. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Hard to say, especially if you listen to his new single. It’s called “It’s Not Safe To Turn Off Your Computer” and it sounds so goddamn fresh.

It’s not just because of him, mind you. The fact that he’s got EM, a very talented young singer from Timisoara, helping him out with the whole singing part makes it even more amazing. Check out the music video as well. You won’t want to turn off your computer afterwards.


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