Silvana Estrada

20-year-old singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada is back with two new singles, “Sabré Olvidar” and “Al Norte”, both filled with her beautiful voice.

I am thrilled that these days I hear lots of new Mexican music that really excites me. One of those talents that are making their way into the music scene of my country is Silvana Estrada, a 20-year-old girl from Veracruz, who is getting lots of attention. Mainly because of her voice.

This fast ascent was possible thanks to her debut album “Lo sagrado” (2017). And for those who are waiting for the second album, Silvana recently returned with a delicious new song called “Sabré Olvidar”. And again, what stands out is her beautiful and well-worked voice.

It seems that this 20-year-old girl has been singing for many more years. Does anyone doubt the luminous career that awaits this singer?

“Sabré olvidar” combines elements of Mexican folklore with more modern influences. And the same could be said about her latest single, “Al Norte”, which came out in August and bring a more lighthearted themes and rhythms.

With these two songs, Silvana continues to heat engines for what is already her highly anticipated second release. Surely, if you ask me, one that will be part of the best in the Mexican music scene this year.

One thing is sure – this will be surely as diverse and varied as a Mexican candy store.


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