Silvestre y la Naranja

This year, a five-piece from Buenos Aires Silvestre y la Naranja published their first LP, “Laguna”, which follows two EPs they have released since they started in 2011.

Silvestre y la Naranja are a group of friends with different influences who at some point decided to create one project which would combine their inspirations. In each of their EPs, they have always pursuited innovation. Their first full-length consolidates that search.

Last year, they toured in England and when they came back started to work in this new material. It was produced by Nicolas Kalwill (who worked in CocoRosie’s latest album) and comprises 11 baroque, psychedelic songs.

While you can stream them all on Bandcamp, here’s one of the highlights, “Cada momento”:

Silvestre y la Naranja on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.

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