Experimental producer from Bangladesh, Sinin will test your listening skills.

Sinin is one of the most intriguing techno artists from Khulna, a city in southwestern Bangladesh, who developed a dark techno sound in spite of the city lacking any sort of electronica scene.

His brilliance was discovered by fellow electronic music platform in capital Dhaka where the scene is evolving. His music is a cross of techno, noise and a touch of immense creativity which allows him to explore sound domains which will remain somewhat difficult to comprehend and hence demanding for listeners.

His unofficial LP “87” release features 9 tracks and each of them will test your listening skills. It’s not necessarily going to please your ear buds in an orthodox way but will make you wonder about the processes one must go through to come up with sounds like these and the artist’s conceptual aspects.

Turning 21 this year, he is all prepared to release his first official EP of two tracks with Dhaka’s Akaliko Records. Besides being a music producer he is also a critical student of cinematography who, according to his own words, have seen way too many films.

My pick from this album is Track 6. All these tracks are pretty much unnamed and are denoted by numbers.

Stream “87” LP on Bandcamp.


Sinin on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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