Sivan Talmor

Listening to the single “I’ll Be” by Sivan Talmor raises two significant feelings. First, you might be thinking you are listening to Joni Mitchell or Janis Ian. And secondly, you will get the sense it was recorded for an American movie soundtrack.

Talmor’s 2013 debut album named “לונה פארק” (an amusement park in Tel Aviv) was produced by Israeli musician and composer Yoni Bloch and featured Hebrew lyrics as an opposite for Sivan’s new album, “Fire”. This new record presents a new Sivan Talmor – one of the finest folk singer-songwriters today in Israel.

The album consists of seven tracks produced by Ori Winokur (who had the chance of working with various successful artists such as Asaf Avidan), all crafted carefully to a piece of art.

“Fire” takes the listener through the process of an art in the making to a complete vision, as if you were watching an extraordinary painting or a sculpture in a museum.

Naming the album “Fire” might be deceiving at first, but indeed, the real warmth lies in Sivan’s deep voice and whistling as could be found in songs like “Fire” and “Young Believers”.

Her voice melts any brain into a pool of happiness, floating in it, from the first to the last second of the album, which you can stream “Fire” in its entirety on Bandcamp.


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