Sivan Talmor

If you are like us and appreciate beautiful music videos, Sivan Talmor’s recent clip “Sad Heart” is a must-see.

It’s been six years since Sivan Talmor’s 2013 debut album named “לונה פארק” – the title comes from an amusement park in Tel Aviv. And she kept appearing here on beehype with her following releases, like fantastic 2016 album “Fire” and equally superb live record in 2017.

For this year, she’s planning another full-length release called “Immigrants of Lace”, which is due on August first. But we have already heard almost half of the album, some of the songs as early as last summer.

She clearly can’t wait to share her new material, as also in January she gave us an animated video for the opening track, “Sad Heart”, directed by Karni & Saul Sulkybunny. While the song can be mentioned next to the best pieces in Sivan’s catalogue, the clip is also among the most beautiful things we’ve seen in the recent months.


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