Members of several acclaimed Serbian bands officially (and loudly) start a new project with their self-titled debut album, “Škrtice”.

Škrtice are a Serbian supegroup. The frontman is Cane from rock legends Partibrejkers, guitars are Kole from Veliki Prezir and Boris from Jarbori, on drums is Danilo and on bass Boca, both from one of the most promising bands from Serbia, Straight Mickey and The Boyz.

They have just released their debut album “Škrtice”, and one of the lead singles is “Zaborava nema”. As they had already shown in their original bands, Škrtice is a gang of uncompromising rock guys.

“Zaborava nema” demonstrates exactly the same thing, and we can predict a great career if this project continues to work in the future, parallel with their main bands.

Message is submitted, everything needs to be remembered, nothing should be forgotten, especially when your politicians lead your country to a dark end…

Stream “Škrtice” LP here.


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