Sleepwalker's Station

If beehype was a folk band from Europe, we might sound just like the border-blind collective Sleepwalker’s Station.

Formed in Bergen, Germany, the band has been gaining experience, inspirations, material – and members – for 20 years already. And you can immediately hear it on their new album, “Lorca”, which was recorded with 22 musicians from around Europe. It’s clearly “folk”, but it’s the most unpredictable version of it.

While the album starts with an instrumental song, it is followed by one sung in Spanish, and then comes a number of other languages and dialects from around the continent – Italian, French, German, English, Catalan, Venetian, Andalusian, Bavarian…

Our favourite song on the album, “Si Jetais”, is sung in French, but it features Icelandic electronic musician and singer Íriis. But that’s just us, you should find your favourite song – your favourite place – yourself.

Stream “Lorca” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Photo: Ana Zanoletty

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