Nvmeri are a band which has always been very good at combining two seemingly opposing worlds. Guitars and electronic music, mathematical precision and grooviness, sadness and joy.

They continue with this trend on their newest track called “Scales”. After “Entropy” it’s their second single released after their self-titled debut, and it’s due to appear on their upcoming follow-up.

Nvmeri seem to be, as usual, on top of things, and “Scales” leaves us waiting for more. It has powerful, almost post-punky guitars, groovy bass guitar riffs, scintillating synths, precise rhythms, explosive choruses and smooth but not lazy vocals.

“Scales”, according to the band, is about how comparing oneself to others is a source of a huge amount of human unhappiness. Things aren’t worse than before, but social media and other forms of human interaction enforce this notion that we never have enough. But we rarely see the whole truth.

That is also the message of the top-notch video accompanying this track – it’s insightful into the stories on a macro-level and leaves space for individual interpretation.


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