Puding pani Elvisovej

Puding pani Elvisovej are one of Slovakia’s most interesting groups. They have been a constant presence on our scene for the past 20 years and their humorous lyrics accompanied by electro-pop-y jams are getting more and more attention.

Recently, they released their new album “Tektonická platňa” (the name itself is a play on words – “platňa” means both vinyl and plate) and it featured the energetic single called “SISISISI”, accompanied by a very vintage-looking video, which immediately got quite a lot of attention.

It’s very simplistic, contains eye-catching colours and features the band members themselves as actors. The song itself is about a regular day of person going to work, albeit told in a very humorous way.

In this case Slivka, the singer, hurries to work because of her annoying boss, and leaves the kettle on. Then someone rings the doorbell and the house burns down – you can watch the whole story with many details in the video above.

Ironically, the lyrics of the song were written by the singer and Pino (curly guy playing synths) one day before Slivka got to go on mother’s leave. Maybe a reflection of her work experiences? Hopefully not. Enjoy!


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