Slowgold released her sixth album “Aska” last Friday and we can already say that it’s her best album so far.

I think I saw it coming when she released the first single “Nåt” (Something) a couple of weeks ago. It was something different but yet familiar. It’s still dreamy rock between the prairie and the city lights. The main difference is that Amanda Werne now feels more distinct and irresistible.

There is no way that you could argue against the lyrics and the motion in the first single. In the chorus, she sings: “I’ve found other friends so I manage to go out again”, and the whole song and album is a decleration of an independent woman far away from old relationships and distant places.

Click here for studio version (Spotify)

The producer Mattias Glavå has done a remarkable job with the sound of the drums and guitars that slowly float while Amanda stands steady, with just enough space between her boots.

Great song, great album. Amanda Werne, Johannes Mattsson and Erik Berntsson have done it again!

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Photo: Peter Kjell

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