Smolik / Grosiak / Miuosh

At this time of year, Poland’s capital commemorates those who fought in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, a 63-day battle to free Poland’s capital from Nazi German occupation forces.

While we usually focus on the uprising itself, the veteran producer Smolik dedicates his new album “Historie” – or you could call it a radio drama – to what’s happened after the war was over to those who fought and to the city itself.

For this project, commissioned by the Warsaw Uprising Museum, he invited the fabulous singer Natalia Grosiak from the group Mikromusic (whom you should already know well), a popular rapper Miuosh, and a mighty string+brass section.

While you can stream the whole record on Tidal, Deezer, iTunes and Spotify, here’s the first single called “Alunia”. A seemingly upbeat song masking a memory of a lost love – like the rest of the album based on a true story.

Photo: Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego


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