That “Ø” in SØAR FLiT’s name is there for a reason. The Bangkok-based sextet draws inspiration from classic Scandinavian post-rock and dream-pop bands. But they do it openly, and they do it extremely well.

If “magical atmosphere” is what you’re looking for in this kind of music, then SØAR FLiT – still very early into their career – have perfected this element to the point where comparing them to groups like Sigur Rós will be no exaggeration.

But there’s more than that. In songs like “Loops” (below) or “Chá Chá”, they also demonstrate a rare ability of layering multiple vocals – even creating vocal symphonies – without losing the lightness of their musical tales.

Even if you don’t understand the language, they’ll draw you into their dreamy narrative. “We want to tell stories,” they’ve written on their fanpage. We’ll be happy to listen.


SØAR FLiT on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

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