The debut full-length LP of the trio Sobs brings warm indie-pop sounds reflecting Singaporean sunsets.

Sobs is a Singapore’s trio indie pop band. In 2017, they debuted with EP “Catflap”, introduced here about a year ago. It was highly appreciated not only in Southeast Asia but also worldwide, partly thanks to fantastic vocals of Celine Autumn, partly thanks to to excellent melodies and arrangements.

In June this year, they finally released their debut full-length album called “Telltale Signs“. The eponymous single is a splendid track, full of good vibes and recommended for any road trip.

A shining melody in which melancholy reflects and is brought up from the hot city state of Singapore. It’s about summer breaking love that is surely sung here, but what if the summer goes on all the year round?

The story that Celine sings is dominated by the blue mood throughout the whole album, contrasting with the vibrant pop sound that’s got shoegaze faint. Soundtrack to wipe out the unpleasant summer blue?

Now that the internet melts every boundary and the light is hitting the local music scene, the good chances of Sobs should continue to spread around the world.

Stream “Telltale Signs” on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Sobs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp.

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