Solitude Is Bliss

Released about a month ago on Minimal Records, “Her Social Anxiety” is the latest effort from one of Thailand’s finest rock outfits Solitude Is Bliss.

The Chiangmai-based quintet initially wrote their songs in Thai, only to start singing in English last year to find this language more appropriate to what they want to convey in their music.

A lauded single off the album, “Rich Man’s War Poor Man’s Blood” is an example of how smoothly Solitude Is Bliss mix their local sensitivity with global inspirations, transcending geographical and time classifications.

The video for the single was directed by Peasadet Compiranont. It stars the band’s bass player Jomyoot Wongto in a role he apparently chose to show life that many people wouldn’t choose if they had any choice.

You can preview “Her Social Anxiety” on YouTube.


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