Solo Ansamblis

Solo Ansamblis is a superb new Vilnius-based band which consist of four theatre actors. In Lithuania, actors often perform sung poetry, but this case is special – the group plays in “sad dance” style.

Yes, now it’s fashionable to describe music with strangest possible terms. But this “sad dance” tag comes from one the band’s fans who described their music this way. And you can’t argue with that, though it’s just darker post-punk with electronic flavour, but you can dance to it and as there’s no happiness in Solo Ansamblis’s music or their lyrics, that wouldn’t be a happy dance.

“Malda” (Prayer) is a song from the quartet’s debut album, “Roboxai”, which was released at the beginning of March. Announcing this song, the band members said:

“German synthesizer introduce the story, with guitar riffs and effects raising dizzy heads in the background. Suddenly, the percussion starts dialogue with the drum machine, taking you to one of the most famous German poets Rainer Maria Rilke, and his hundred-years-old monologue”.

Rilke is mentioned without a coincidence because the lyrics of “Malda” have been taken from one of his poems. Meanwhile, Solo Ansamblis’s vocals sound a bit computerized, more like 80s synth/new wave bands.

But together with thoughtful text (translated into Lithuanian) and electric post-punk feeling, they create an original, deep, catchy sound that will make tou repeat this track – and the whole album “Roboxai” – again and again.


Solo Ansamblis on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud.

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