From the busy streets of Tokyo to beautiful Polish mountains in just three minutes? It’s possible with SONAR and their new video “Face the Sun”.

The title of SONAR’s new single might sound provocative in these hottest summer days/weeks most of us can remember here in Europe – and it’s not any better in Japan. But in spite of these crazy temperatures, SONAR want to make you dance with their new video as well as with their second album called “Torino”.

The LP’s title, on the other hand, rightly suggest it was partly recorded in Italy. It came out earlier this year via U Know Me Records, and it brings a mix of songs in English and Polish. Mostly club-oriented, but they will work more than well as a playlist for a solitary evening at home. “Face the Sun” is a good example, with its rather late-stage party tempo.

The core of the band are the producer Łukasz Stachurko (from Sonar Soul and RYSY), singer Lena Osińska, drummer Rafał Dutkiewicz and keyboard player Artur Bogusławski. However, for this new effort they’ve been joined but a couple of guests, including Miles Bonny – and that’s his voice you can hear in “Face the Sun” next to Lena’s.

If you like the video below, be sure to check out the previous clips “Hidden Garden” and “Lżej” – with the latter one sung in Polish – or better “Torino” in its entirety.

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