Sonobe Nobukazu

Sonobe Nobukazu sings and plays guitar about the warmness of the sun and the atmosphere of quiet nights. This video shows his life in Kochi, a Japanese prefecture facing the Pacific Ocean.

“Seikatsu” (生活) means “life”, our everyday life. Sometimes hard, but sometimes filled with happiness – even if only because we have friends in our hometown.

“Life is still going on, our daily life itself is a kind of revolution”, Nobokazu sings. He started his music career as the guitarist and singer of mojoco.

On his new solo album, also titled “Seikatsu”, he is accompanied by several musicians including LLama’s drummer, Senoo Ricky, Chiaki Miura from Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra and Quruli’s ex-drummer Yuji Tanaka.

In the meantime, the whole record was co-produced by Gen Tanabe of Water Water Camel.


Sonobe Nobukazu on www, Twitter, Facebook.

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