Sophie Villy

One of our favourite Georgian (and Ukrainian) musicians is back with a beautiful new full-length album, “Planet A”.

Three years after “Dress”, which appeared in our Best of 2014 for both Georgia and Ukraine, Sophie Villy returns with “Planet A”.

Apart from Sophie herself, this eleven-track, heavily trip hop-inflicted album features many seasoned musicians of Georgian alternative scene.

“Heart To Heart”, the opener, is a great presenter of the album’s overall sound that is percussion-heavy, yet atmospheric and calm; restrained and minimalistic and yet rich with catchy melodic nuances.

Back in April, Sophie released an official video for “Swim On”, the third track the new album, directed by the artist herself and Luka Beradze.

The song features Nika Machaidze (aka Nikakoi), one of the foremost Georgian electronic musicians of last 20 years, whom you might know from our Best of 2016 list for Georgia.

“Swim On” fuses ultra-hypnotic trip-hop with a subtle IDM atmosphere that serves to make the song even more freezing and gloomy.

Stream “Planet A” LP on Spotify.


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