Let’s start with the name: Sobura (drummer) + Teielte (producer) = So + Tei = Sotei. And you might already guess what to expect from this new Polish duo? Well, not quite.

Both of them have been experienced musicians even before they teamed up. Sobura had played with a number of important rock personas, old and new. Teielte had given us several EPs/LPs already. And right after they started SOTEI about 2 years ago, they had a chance to play as supporting act for Flying Lotus in Warsaw.

Initially, they planned to release their debut album about a year ago, announcing it as a “mixture of dancefloor killers filled with amazing musical imagination of two openminded artists”. It eventually came out a few weeks ago and it’s certainly a mixture, but more nuanced than this description would suggest – with ambient breaks, vocal breaks, and breaks among breaks.

Below you can watch “Opus”, the first clip they shared a year ago and had our attention immediately. Recently it was followed by a semi-video for a 2-minute opening track “Inside“, but it might be better to stream the whole LP right away.


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