Polish electronic producer SoundQ’s new album “Ambient Pressure” is, fortunately, much more about ambient than pressure.

SoundQ started as a band almost ten years ago – they even played as a support for Jessie Ware – but over time it’s become a solo project of the Cracow-based producer and singer Kuba Kubica.

Preceded by a number of EPs, “Ambient Pressure” is his long-awaited third full-length album, but the first Kubica produced all by himself.

Due to some external time restrictions, he had to change his approach to making music, often using “30-minute windows” to transfer his ideas into actual music.

“I had to teach myself how to completely visualize what I wanted to do. To carefully plan it in my head, and then, when my 30 minute window opened, execute the process,” he explained.

The result, however, doesn’t seem at all like something created under pressure, in spite of the circumstances and the album’s title. “Ambient Pressure” actually brings the dreamier shades of techno and house combined with Kubica’s processed vocals in the foreground.

With just 7 tracks spanning over 35 minutes, it can be enjoyed as much by fans of current electronic pop or The Field’s now-classic “From Here We Go To Sublime”.

Stream “Ambient Pressure” LP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


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