South Acid MiMi

Unapologetic and self-assured, the three women of South Acid MiMI (南方酸性咪咪) hold up a dark, unhinged mirror to mainstream Chinese society.

Let’s call them “Riot Weird”, because one needs to invent a new genre to describe their sound. “NUNUDUGU” is a slow stomper of a single, and the first music video from their upcoming debut album.

The lyrics are from a nursery rhyme in Lisu, a minority Tibeto-Burmese language, with a few swear words added in for fun.

Over the central hypnotic loop of the song’s refrain, they add rock’n’roll, electronica, scratchy samples and skittering beats. The cult appeal is strong with this one.


South Acid Mimi on Soundcloud, Douban, Weibo.

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