Hail (해일)

In the South Korean indie scene, excellent post-rock acts have always existed. Although it was only small amount of bands who played this kind of music, the pedigree of post-rock has never been cut off, fortunately.

Hail (해일), which means “tsunami” in Korean, is one of those remarkable bands that keep alive the torchlight of South Korean post-rock scene.

As the name indicates, their music comes and goes between placid moments and surge of guitar noise. But they don’t only follow the traditional post-rock structure, but also struggle to create good melodies, based upon 90s British shoegazers (Ride, Slowdive) and the early Korean indie rock bands (언니네 이발관Sister’s Barbershop, 챔피언스Champions).

Memorable melody is always a precious gift to rock bands, and it is no exception for post-rock band like Hail.


해일 Hail on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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