Monoban (모노반)

Monoban (모노반) is a Korean folk band, whose sound is a unique mixture of cajon, cello, guitars and vocals. Inspired by Irish folk music, they turn folk rock music upside down.

Cajon, a percussion instrument originally stemming from Peru, is popular in South Korea because of the busking culture. For Monoban, it seems like a natural choice. Together with cello, it adds to their identity, while the uplifting vocals and guitars convey the kind of energy and freshness that makes you stop walking and listen to a street performer for a while.

“TuTuTu” (뚜뚜뚜) is the groups’ recent single from their new album “Blue Mountain”. Sung all in English, the video was shot during their UK tour and seems to show the band in their favourite concert environments – on a street. Though sometimes they prefer a meadow.

You can stream “Blue Mountain” LP in its entirety here.


Monoban on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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