Trampauline (트램폴린)

When Trampauline was born, it was a one-woman project of Cha Hyo-Sun. She combined her exotic sensibility with electronic music, sometimes adding acoustic instruments as well. Now the sound is even richer as Trampauline has turned into a full-fledged synthpop band.

With Kim Naeun on guitars and Jeong Dayoung on bass completing the Seoul-based trio, Trampauline (트램폴린) just released their third album “Marginal” this week, with the instant sing-along “Such a Clown” as the lead single.

The analogue beat here is owed to the acclaimed Seoul-based DJ Soulscape (real name Min June Park), who co-produced the entire album. And even if he balanced the general mix with his male side, it’s still hidden behind such straightforward lyrics as in “Such a Clown”.

Yet if you give it a few spins, you’ll soon find yourself joining the chorus – “Do you find it funny” – regardless of your sex and your current personal situation.

A 10-minute sampler of “Marginal” is available here.


Photo credit: Jeong Nuri

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