A fresh album from Spasibo (Спасибо), “Норм” (Norm) was recorded a while back in Moscow in the DTH Studio with producer Leonardo Perez.

A number of Moscow musicians from Lucidvox, ½ Orchestra and more joined Спасибо for the recording session, so most of the tracks on this new release include contributions of side artists.

The band took quite a long time to finish this album, as they wanted to polish their sound up to the finest quality. Actually, that’s why they called it “Норм”, which is used as “OK” or “well done” in Russian.

Although their music is quite complicated, I would like to describe it in just a few words: noisy guitar psychedelic rock and ruthless space shoegaze.

While above you can stream one of the highlights from this record, “Нежная” (Soft), which is a “song about love and frienship”, you will also find the entire album here.


Spasibo on Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp.

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