Srirajah Rockers

Our favourite reggae band from Thailand, Srirajah Rockers are back with new video “Roll Around”, a hallucinatory trip across multicolored cosmos.

Created by Trystand, the psychedelic video perfectly suits the atmosphere of the song itself, relaxed yet a bit dramatic. Along with that clip, “Roll Around” (พรรณลำพั) is certainly among the best pieces in Srirajah Rockers’ repertoire yet, and certainly a song you’ll be waiting for during their live show.

As always, Win Chujitarom’s vocals and the unhurried pulse of bass and drums is what you will pay attention to in the first place. But the track’s, just like the video, is full of little ornaments from flute, trumpet, trombone and percussion, which emerge with every consecutive listen.

“Don’t you know life’s crazy?”, the band’s frontman sings, “If only I could escape from this cruel world”. Here’s your ticket to a different universe.


Srirajah Rockers on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube.

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