Stara Rzeka

Kuba Ziołek is a one-man institution of sorts, a musician always full of new ideas and ready to try them out in his numerous projects and collaborations. Stara Rzeka might be one of his most successful endeavors to date.

A majestic fusion of calmness and storm that tends to the experimental side of the musical spectrum, oscillating between folk, psychedelic, drone and even black metal.

“Małe świerki,” however, is one of the most approachable songs in the project’s repertoire. It’s built around acoustic guitar and slightly monotonous clean vocals, weaving a hypnotic, dreamy atmosphere, additionally reinforced by Wojciech Jachna’s trumpet.

Nevertheless, what starts as a somewhat sentimental and contemplative piece, gradually thickens and becomes more ambiguous, exhibiting eerie and uncanny ambience that make Stara Rzeka’s sound so captivating.

The song can be found on “Zamknęły się oczy ziemi” (“Eyes of the earth got closed”), sadly announced to be the final release from Ziołek under this moniker. If it’s any consolation, the double album contains almost one and a half hour of music, so there’s a lot to enjoy.

You can stream “Zamknęły się oczy ziemi” in its entirety here.


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