Starr Chen (陳星翰)

A shining superstar in the Taiwanese Music scene!

Starr Chen (陳星翰) began his career as a rapper and has then formed his own group Young Souljaz. As he learned music composing, sampling and arranging, Starr Chen has become an all-round master and produced many important songs for the Taiwanese pop music market.

His highly-acclaimed debut album “Welcome to the Next Level”, is influenced by many different elements related to the video games and cartoon culture. Mixed with an enormous number of music genres such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, House and Trap, Starr Chen proves he is the hottest composer and producer in the young generation.

The single “Ego-Holic” (戀我癖), featuring the most popular female pop singer Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), tells a story about a constantly bullied girl who pursues her star dream to become famous. However, due to the controversial content of the music video, the clip has then being pixelated.

In the music itself, the audience can still enjoy the magical world that Starr Chen has brought from the song.

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