Stef Kamil Carlens

Make way for one of the most influential musicians in the history of Belgian music: Stef Kamil Carlens. As a founding member of dEUS, he started to get noticed by music lovers and journalists in 1989.

Even though Carlens has recorded numerous albums in the past twenty years, with acts like dEUS, Kiss My Jazz, Moondog Jr and Zita Swoon, and has played countless live shows, he never made a solo album. Until recently, because “Stuck In The Status Quo” was released in March.

Some of the songs were written quite some time ago. Stef Kamil Carlens told in an interview with Focus Knack that he wrote “The Journey Will Be Long” in 2008. It is as actual now as it was then. It is a manifest against populism, and many politicians, or situations like the Brexit, prove that it is still a hot theme in 2017.

“The Journey Will Be Long” is the opening song of the album, and it was also released as the first single. It is both an unusual and a familiar Stef Kamil Carlens tune. It is poppy, folky, playful and adventurous, like almost everything he has ever done.


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