Stepan I Meduza

Kyiv-based duo Stepan I Meduza is notable for creation of their own genre – “science pop”. Although it’s just another low-profile branch of synth pop and new wave, maybe the only place where you can find similar aesthetics is Rush discography between 1982 and 1987: crystal clear, sublime, perfectly calibrated melodies with ultramodern philosophy and science fiction themes (originally brought to the music world by Neil Peart).

Stepan I Meduza added to this already incredible mix the forgotten spirit of old soviet adventure movies, more electronic arrangements and mastery of the Russian language (a rare thing, ironically), which led to very harmonic merge of lyrics and music. New album sounds a lot like “retrofuturistic Depeche Mode” – if you’re really enjoying “Construction Time Again”, you’d most likely love it. “Прощение” LP is softer than most classic Stepan I Meduza songs, but at the same time it is dynamic enough to have real hits (listen to “Весна” or the title song, for example).

This record would definitely be #1. It isn’t only because there is nothing new here – only a continuation of what “Stepan I Meduza” were doing for the last three years on theirs previous EPs and longplays. But music material from it does not become worse – it’s simply unbeatable!


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