Stéphanie Blanchoud

If pushing boundaries is a big part of beehype’s mission, then Stéphanie Blanchoud fits the bill perfectly.

First and foremost, she is a multidisciplinary artist as an actress, singer and author. In addition, she has Swiss and Belgian roots and, for her third album as a French-speaking singer, she collaborated with Dutch-speaking artist Pieter Van Dessel, who was featured on our website with his band Marble Sounds some years ago.

This would mean nothing if the singer did not treat us to some wonderful music. ‘Ritournelle‘, her recent single and also the title track of her brand new album, pleases in both instrumentation and vocals. The intro is like a presenter without a voice who makes you excited for what’s to come, and what follows is a good two minutes of French music to be quietly savoured.

‘Ritournelle’ is only Blanchoud’s third album in 12 years, after ‘Insomnies’ (2009) and ‘Les Beaux Jours’ (2015). So take your time and enjoy. And if you want to explore other sides of this artist’s talents, look forward to her role alongside Valéria Bruni Tedeschi, India Hair and Benjamin Biolay in Ursula Meier’s ‘La Ligne’.

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