Initially just her hobby and a breather from her work as a graphic designer, music quite quickly brought attention to Chotika (Toon) Kamwongpin, giving her airplay, critical recognition and love of thousands of fans.

An observer of everyday life, the 27-year-old artist also known as Stoondio fills her cover art with pictures of sky, clouds and trees. It indicates a free spirit always open for inspiration and amusement, and Chotika’s music conveys these qualities, too. Unhurried and elegant, it brings this kind of emotionality that’s never pressing, but rather an invitation for the listener.

In the recent weeks, she released two new songs from “Almost The Third Album”, and this pair perfectly demonstrates Stoondio’s songwriting talent and her versatility. The first one, “Somebody” (กอด), combines folk with the post-rock emotionality and its constant ups and downs. The latest track “Better” (ดีกว่า), available below, is very different though.

Steady narrative, incredibly airy atmosphere – via elements of electronica – and Chotika’s multiple vocals make “Better” one of the most beautiful songs she’s released yet. And we couldn’t imagine a better promise for her music to come.


Stoondio on Facebook, YouTube.

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