“Challenge all that is going on” – calls Vietnamese rapper Suboi in the trap-influenced recent hit “N-Sao?”.

After collaborating with Mino & The Band to release the solid “22.7” EP in 2017, Suboi made a comeback this year with the trap-influenced “N-Sao?” (translation: “So What?”) with production provided by the duo Zach & Pat.

On paper, a Rap/Hip-Hop track on a trap beat sounds like the last thing everyone needs at the moment due to excessive amount of trap/rap hybrid in the market. But in reality, “N-Sao?” is easily the most exciting song of its genre due to two reasons: one is how expertly Suboi utilized the phrase “n-sao” and two is in the finest performance of her career.

Never a technically brilliant rapper, Suboi lacks both the timing and presence to become a captivating EmCee. In “N-Sao?”, however, she more than makes up for said flaws by blazing through with personality; from the multiple tempo changes to show off different personas, the half-sung/half-rap mimicking the chanting from street vendors, to how comfortable she is to fully embrace that charming Southern accent.

When talking to Zane Lowe on Radio Beats 1, Suboi explained that “N-Sao” is a call to challenge all that is going on, that amidst all the changes taking places in Saigon, Suboi is back and stronger than ever.


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