Flying Lotus once released LP named “You’re Dead!”. On their new 7-inch single “3020”, SuiseiNoboAz declare that we still be alive 1000 years from now.

We first introduced them back in 2017 with the video “Liquid Rainbow“. This year, they shared the lead single off their upcoming album, which SuiseiNoboAz’s frontman Masaharu Ishihara announced in an interview for Mikiki.

“Liquid Rainbow” and “3020” might share common background of Japanese cartoon like “Fist of the North Star” or “Dragon Ball”. On the other hand, Flying Lotus or Thundercat also love these Manga about the world after nuclear war or space scale battles. “You’re Dead!” is signature phrase used in “Fist of the North Star”.

Interestingly, Masaharu also said that they wanna play on the same field as Flying Lotus, and that the Japanese rock band and Brainfeeder musicians share the same concepts. Art is a common language.

SuiseiNoboAz started to make “3020” by sampling “Wau Bulan”, a traditional Malaysian song for the situation to say “See you later”. This sample adds depth to this song, as well as length – it takes over 7 minutes.

Masaharu said that farewell is the main theme for the song. Actually, they sing: I hope we’ll be good friends in 3020. “Sanzen, Sanzen Nijyunen, Sanzen Nijyunen made Zutto Tomodachi de Iyo”, he sings.

Like “Liquid Rainbow”, “3020” and the upcoming album could be their own Buddhist chant about reincarnation and the endless circle of life.


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